Cresswell Crags Trip

On Monday the 1st of July Year 3 went to Cresswell Crags near Derbyshire to learn all about what it would be like to live in the Stone Age as part of our topic `Tribal Tales`. We split into three groups to do lots of exciting and fun activities which included learning how to survive in the wild.We even built our own shelters using reindeer fur, leather and sticks which was challenging but great fun!

Another group went into a cave which was around 650 million years old ( older than the dinosaurs!) .We made our own music using instruments to make the teachers dance! We also handled lots of Stone Age artefacts such as a butter knife made from wood and sharp flint. Our last activity involved us being geologists and identifying and sorting different types of rocks. We discovered lots of interesting facts about how each rock is formed.

It was a brilliant day!

Cresswell Crags
Spear throwing. Duck!
Making fire using a bow drill
Investigating rocks and minerals
In the cave.