Darwin’s Delights – adaptations

As part of our topic we have been learning about adaptation and Darwin’s theory of natural selection. During our recent science lesson, we brought this theory to life by carrying out two experiments.

Experiment 1. We hung a net up in the classroom and thread strawberry laces through it. Four children were selected to try and gather as many laces as they could in one minute. Child 1 wore boxing gloves, Child 2 wore a blind fold, Child 3 knelt down and wasn’t allowed to stretch and Child 4 knelt down but was allowed to stretch. As you can see, we had a lot of fun doing the experiment which helped us all to understand the theory of natural selection.

Experiment 2. In teams we had to try and move as many grains of rice from one cup to another. To start, we were given different equipment to do this. The children who had tweezers found it the easiest and the children with the forks found it the hardest. We then made links to Darwin’s work and the discoveries he made during his time on the Galapagos Islands.