Dol-y-Moch Group 2 (Day 2)

Group A – Before lunch we started our activities of rock scrambling and abseiling. For the rock scrambling we went on top, in, and under huge rock formations. The areas were very tight and slippery… some people found it challenging but we all made it through! When we did the abseil, we climbed up to a 30ft rock face and the paths were steep and windy. Again, we all managed it, and had fun in the process. After lunch we made our way to a nearby lake where we went kayaking. We played sharks and minnows and jailbreak in our kayaks. Once we were all wet we participated in the famous Dol-y-Moch Dive. Overall we had a brilliant day and had lots of fun. (Lily and Danny).

Group B – Today we began to learn about navigation. Firstly, we set off around the grounds in search of 31 numbered stamps. We did this because we needed to learn skills to prepare us for the woods, which we would visit later in the day. Once we arrived at the woods, we split into two groups and got our maps to guide us round checkpoints. We really enjoyed it and didn’t give up even when things got hard. Lastly, we visited the beach at Borth y Gest in typical Welsh weather! We experimented climbing across the slippery rocks. and made sand sculptures. The boys made a volcano with a moat, and diverted a stream to it! ( Georgia and Surpriya)

Group C – As part of our residential trip at Dol-y-Moch we had a fun experience inside an old slate mine. The journey to get to the entrance of the mine was a difficult challenge for all the group. In the mine, we enjoyed fun activities: climbing a waterfall, rafting across a flooded underground cavern and learning how the miners worked a hundred years ago. Over all we feel that this enjoyable activity is highly recommended! ( Ali and Sapphire)

Group D – On Saturday 2nd March we spent the morning kayaking in the lake above Dol-y-Moch. On the way we had to cross the slimy pond without falling in. We also had to go over lots of obstacles which involved us working as a team. When we got to the lake we played sharks and fishes in the boats. Breanna said that she was scared at first but when she went into the water and had a go she really liked it. In the afternoon we took part in an indoor climbing and abseiling adventure. We learnt how to make sure that our safety harnesses were secure and how to a tie climbing knot. We climbed up the wall and abseiled down. Andrew thought that the abseiling was quite easy and really fun. Alisheba thought that it was more challenging than what she would normally do on a Saturday! (Naomi and Bethanie)