Dol-y-Moch Group 2 (Day 3)

Group A – Today was our last day at Plas Dol-y-Moch. We’ve faced a lot of hard challenges like: orienteering, independent walks, beach walks and srambling. Making it harder, we needed to face storm Freya. (Mikolaj and Liam)
For our first activity, we did orienteering, in which we had to follow the map to find the number punches to stamp on a sheet. (Josh)
Mid-morning, we were dropped off 4 miles away to make our way back to the Dol-y-Moch centre using only a map. Our only way of communicating with the teachers was through a radio! We had marks on a map that told us where to go or not to go. We didn’t realise that our teachers were secretly following! (Ronan)
Whilst using a map, we discovered that we can achieve more and become a better team. Today we developed skills for reading maps and working as a team. (Karam)
Overall, today was extremely challenging due to the storm (Freya) but we still put up with it as a team. (Ayla)

Group B – Unfortunately today has been our last day, but we are all looking forward to going home. Although we miss our families we’ve tackled some tough challenges along the way.
We headed towards the Rhiwbach slate mine for a day underground. During our time in the mine we experimented using candles for our only source of light. Daniel assisted us by guiding us through with a detailed map. Connor, Emma and Mrs Slater came with us. Connor was telling a story in the dark about an old mining legend called Mr Jones and his dog. It was scary! We sat in a circle listening to stories by candle light and then Connor licked two fingers and the light was gone…
We have made some wonderful memories at Dol-y-Moch, including climbing a large slate-waterfall which was one of our many favourite memories. So, all in in all we have had an awesome trip! (Charlotte and all of group B)

Group C – Today we had an adventure day that included: kayaking, (in which two people accidentally capsized), the Dol-y-Moch dive and hiking across the beach. We played various games whilst we were kayaking in the lake, our favourite game was tig, which left us buzzing with excitement. At the end of our session on the lake we did the Dol-y-Moch dive: we leaned back on the ledge and plunged into the freezing cold water. We were able to see the beautiful underwater world for a couple of seconds as we submerged.
After lunch, we did some rock climbing indoors and it was really fun. We worked in teams to help one another scale the wall and ring the bell at the top, it was really challenging.
To finish off the day, we hiked across the Black Rock beach during storm Freya. It was really wet and the wind was so strong, we could see the giant waves crashing onto the shore. Jonny took us into lots of different caves and we learnt about barnacles and how they are hermaphrodites. It was really interesting to explore the deep caves and the rock pools during the storm. (Written by group Dodou and Group C)

Group D – We spent the morning using our map reading skill: orienteering around the centre. Working in small teams we challenged each other to see who could be first to find the marker posts.It was really fun when we were doing the navigation because it was challenging and we all managed it and worked together. In the afternoon we went to the beach to do some rock scrambling. We had to wear all our waterproofs because Storm Freya was causing wind and rain.It was fun when we climbed through the rocks. We also did a scream race. We had to make a noise and run as far as we could without taking a breath, Grace won one and Micha won the other.(Bethanie and Group D)