Dol-y-Moch Group 2 (Day 1)

Yesterday, our new group of intrepid Year 6 adventurers arrived safely at Dol-y-Moch ready to bring on the challenges that awaited them over the next few days…

Group A – Today we were sent out on our mountain day and were set a similar challenge to children from the previous course. Since the energy levels were high, Cnicht was our summit of choice. Just under 700m metres high, the children made sure that they were wrapped up warm and prepared for the unpredictable weather ahead. Although we were up in the clouds, we managed to reach the summit in record time and enjoyed the decent, as the clouds dispersed giving some spectacular views of the coast.

Group B – Paddles ready we headed to the kayaking lake for some much anticipated fun. Everyone was very keen to get soaking wet and all of the group would have headed for a third Dol-Y-Moch dive if they had had the chance! They are a mad bunch! In the afternoon the group headed to the mountains to learn to scramble on the rocks and abseil down a rock face. The children conquered many fears and left with huge grins on their faces.

Group C – Navigating our way to a great day : starting off with orienteering. We learnt important map reading skills by navigating our way around the Dol-Y-Moch centre, which prepared us for our hike through the woods. Working in teams, it was left to us to find each marker that would guide us back to base. After a beautiful lunch break beside the lake, we moved onto the beach to do some rock scrambling. This was a fantastic opportunity to revise our team work skills as we split into threes to scale the beach’s rocks. It required us to use our strength and determination to successfully and safely scramble over the rocks: being responsible and caring for each team member. To complete a wonderful day, we finished by crafting beautiful pieces of beach art and exploring awesome coves and caves. The children showed incredible resilience, patience and collaboration to master their orientation skills and scramble over Wales’ beautiful northern shores.

Group D – Emerging from the forest above Bedgellert, the children were treated to panoramic views across the Welsh countryside. It felt like we were on top of the world as majestic Snowdon peeped from the clouds. We enjoyed many activities along our way including making our own fire, toasting marsh mellows and bog hopping. Our steaming flask of hot chocolate marked the perfect end to our day.