How to plant a sapling.

In year five we have been writing instructions on how to plant a sapling,here is an example.

How to plant a sapling

Planting a sapling is easy, right? You just dig a hole and put it in, done! Well wrong, there is all sorts to do!Follow these instructions and you will have planted a tree!

                                                                                       You will need:

  • sapling
  • watering can
  • water
  • a place to plant
  • wood chips or ‘mulch’
  • bamboo cane
  • guard
  • spade
  • spare soil


1.  First, hold the spade how you would hold a trolley, two hands on the handle, and if your right handed , you push down with your right heel on the left side and vice versa

2. Next, stab the soil about 3.1 cm down into a square shape.

3. After that, lift out the square of soil and rip it to pieces.

4. Then, gently place the saplings roots in the middle, as accurately as you can, roots facing downwards.

5. Now, push the ripped soil around the roots, grass facing down.

6. Next, fill up the watering can with 1.2 a pint and sprinkle it over the soil. Then place some new soil on the top and sprinkle on another half pint.

7. After that, make a triangle with your hand and gently squeeze the soil down.

8. Then, place the bamboo cane next to the tree and gently, using 3 taps of the spade, push it down next to the sapling.

9. Now, put the guard over both the cane and the sapling, push them together so they both fit in the guard.

10. Finally, all you have to do is place the mulch round the bottom of the guard!

Now you have planted your sapling!