Warwick Arts Centre trip (Arts Award Explore)

To complete part B of their Arts Award Explore, the children have explored the work of an artist and an arts organisation.

Warwick Arts Centre

Warwick Arts Centre was a delight! From outside it looked plain. Whereas on the inside in looked grand. When we got there we went into a very bright room to ask all our questions. Next we went into the theatre. There were lots of chairs. After that we went behind the stage. It felt extraordinary. We learnt interesting facts. We asked questions for example How much money is invested in Warwick Arts Centre? Our answer was £50000. We also asked how many costumes they had and they said NONE!

By Jaime Leigh and Celina

For Part B of Arts Award Explore, a chunk of us visited Warwick Arts Centre. We learned about what the centre is for and a bunch of interesting facts. We went in 5 different rooms which we the learning centre, the wings (where the stage manager works), the Butterworth Hall, the main theatre, the workshop and studio. Some of the facts we learned were their most successful show was the Stick Man in 2015 which 6,000 people watched and the cast was 200 people.

By Sapphire