Quad Kids

On Wednesday, our Year 4 children represented our school in the Quad Kids Heats. The schools in Coventry East have a lot of very talented athletes and our children were a real credit to our school.

EGPS hosted the competition which consisted of a team from Corpus Christi, Sacred Heart and Stoke Heath as well as our own two teams. Our Blue Team came third with a competitive total score of 1137. The children worked really well as a team showing high levels of respect and resilience. Our Red Team stormed ahead, winning with a high score of 1471, which takes them through to the next round of the competition.

A big well done to all the children and a special thanks to our Year 6 sports leaders who manned the different stations and supported the younger children. They took their roles very seriously and were praised by teachers from other schools for the way in which they conducted themselves. A very successful day!