In year 3 we have been making smoothies.  This is part of our topic scrumdiddlyumptious.  The different smoothies we had to choose from were Fruit Delight, Berry Good, Summer Sunshine and Blueberry Bonanza.   In class we tried tasting four different smoothies.  Year 3’s favourite smoothie was Summer Sunshine.  We made a poster for people to like the look and try it.  We made our own smoothie with help from the teachers.  While making them we chopped the fruit, poured the juice and blended it. These are the instructions for how to make the smoothies.  1.  First carefully chop all the fruit and gently place them into a bowl.  2.  Next pour 175ml of juice into a cup trying not to spill it.  3.  Then place all ingredients into a blender.  4.  Blend till smooth.  5.  Drink and Enjoy.  Hope you enjoy.