Sponsored Bouncy Assault Course

This morning me and my class went outside on the field to do an assault course to raise money for the school. I really enjoyed it it was lots of fun. Inside the assault course you had to go between these inflatable poles and slide down a slide and cross the finish line. By Issac

I liked the assault course because it had lots of obstacles and it was a bouncy castle. The assault course was fun, fantastic and amazing! We got to race whoever we wanted to but on the first go we went in register order. The assault course was huge with a fun slide! By Niya

The amazing,bouncy,assault course was super fun! First we crawled our way through the tiny, slim tunnel and then we slid through giant rolling pin. Next, we clambered over the steep hill and squeezed through two huge x`s. Finally we climbed over a hill and slid down a bouncy slide! It was lots of fun! By Avril

This afternoon 3B went out to do the assault course. It was on a bouncy castle! You had to go over and under a pole then climb up a ladder inside and slide down a slide. Finally we raced through some poles to a finish line. It was great! By Varinder and Savannah

We had to dive and crawl over and under two sign poles, run through crosses, climb up a ladder and then slide down a huge slide. At the end we were able to go two at a time on two different courses. The first one was a time trial. We`d love to do it again! By Leo and Aiden