Inter-school Aspire Maths challenge

This week, a group of Year 5 mathematicians took part in an on-line Maths competition. It was against other schools who are part of our ‘Aspire’ network of schools. Via ‘Teams’, our children were able to see and communicate with the other children and staff in their own classrooms. The challenges, a mixture of problem solving questions around number and

Cycling Proficiency

Children in Year 5 have been continuing their cycling course, where they are learning to ride their bikes safely, with the Coventry Cycling Proficiency team. They are progressing very well and are now riding their bikes on nearby roads. This week they have been practising how to safely turn left and right. Well done Year 5!

Addition heroes!

Here we can see a group of Year 5 boys enjoying a cold, but very active Maths session. Using mental calculation strategies, they had to add large numbers…but while racing against each other at the same time! Typical scores at the end of the session were 10’s and 11’s out of 12, which was a great performance. Well done.

Year 5 Cycling Proficiency

Year 5 have started their Cycling Proficiency course this term. This week, they discussed the course with the cycling team and then demonstrated and practised their basic cycling skills. Eventually, Year 5 children will ride on local roads, under close supervision, and earn their cycling proficiency certificate. Despite the cold weather, all our children thoroughly enjoyed their first lesson.

Year 5 Skills Academy

Building spaghetti and marshmallows towers. Year 5 have had a lot of fun trying to build the highest tower possible with their partner. Some very creative and ingenious ideas were employed to use spaghetti, straws and marshmallows to build towers. In two cases, towers nearly stretched up to the classroom ceiling! In one case, the ‘tower’ barely got off the