Double, double toil and trouble…

As part of Year 5’s ‘Off With Her Head’ topic, they have been investigating Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth. Children have studied the story in depth, focusing on all aspects of their comprehension, including characters’ feelings, emotions and intentions. Here, we can see them learning and reciting this famous spell, spoken by the three weird sisters (witches). This was very challenging for

Crime and Punishment

This term, Year 5 have been learning about how criminals were dealt with in Tudor times. In this lesson, children discussed various crimes committed and the likely brutal punishment in the 16th century. The children also discussed how different the criminal system is today, in terms of the type of crimes committed and how the criminal is punished.

The Moon

This week the Year 5 children have learned about where the Moon is, how it orbits the Earth, its different phases and the impact it has on the Earth, such as the ocean’s tides. Children recorded the changing ‘faces’ of the Moon by demonstrating its movement using a moon on a stick!

The planets

Year 5 today continued their study of the Solar System. They completed an outdoor task which demonstrated how the distance the planets are from the Sun, affects the length of their orbit and therefore the length of their respective years. The children conducted an experiment involving measuring, timing and recording their results. A lot of learning took place and despite

Year 5 Science

Today, Year 5 had their first lesson with a special visitor from Ernesford Grange Secondary school, Science teacher, Mrs Poole. All the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the planets within our solar system, their various sizes and their distances from one another. This is the first of 4 lessons with Mrs Poole on this topic, and we all look forward