Boccia and Archery

On Wednesday 27th February Aaron, Amelia and Riley took part in the Boccia and Archery competition at the Alan Higgs centre. The Boccia competition was first. Playing a few games against each school, Ernesford had some very difficult games to start their tournament but did manage to pick up a few points. Towards the end of the tournament they were on form and picked up a few wins.

After Boccia it was then time for the Archery competition. This was the first time Riley and Amelia had taken part in archery but after a few practise goes they were comfortable with the technique and hitting the board and in Aaron’s case the bullseye!!

We all had a fantastic morning and came 7th in Boccia and 1st in Archery! A massive well done to Aaron again for performing so well and helping our two Year 3s in their first competition.