Dinosaur Fact Finders! (AM Nursery)

This week the Nursery children have continued finding out about dinosaurs. We looked at some non fiction books and learned some interesting facts about dinosaurs and even learned some new names like the Argentinosaurus!

In Maths the children discovered some dinosaur bones in the sand and we talked about the different lengths of them, thinking about ‘long’ and ‘short’. We then counted them carefully, remembering to point to each one as we counted.

The children found out that the stride of a Brachiosaurus was 3 metres long! They enjoyed counting how many steps they had to take to walk 3 metres.

In Phonics the children have continued playing different oral blending games and have thought about initial sounds when we played ‘What’s in the box?’ They have also listened to stories with lots of rhyming words.

The children had fun making dinosaur footprints in the playdough and have continued learning dinosaur songs and rhymes.