Summer Party

We had lots of fun at our summer party! We started by completing the inflatable obstacle course out on the field, which we really enjoyed! We then had an ice lolly to cool us down. After, we went back to Nursery where we enjoyed playing on our ‘beach’ making sand castles, and getting our feet wet, in our paddling pools.

Sports Day

We had so much fun at our sports day! We took part in lots of different races including the obstacle course, bean bag on a bat, quoit on the head and a running race. At the end, we had a medal ceremony where we were excited to receive a gold medal! As a special treat, we had a ‘rocket’ ice

Pet Rocks

We decided to make pet rocks this week. First of all we chose a stone and washed all the mud off. We then painted it and added features including wobbly eyes, feathers and pom-poms. We thought of lots of different names for our pet rocks including Spotty, Rainbow, Monster, Rocky, Jack and Rosie. Some of the ‘food’ our pet rocks