World Book Day

We had fun dressing up for World Book Day. Some of us where super hero’s, princesses, rabbits, bears and we even had a dragon, unicorn and knight! We enjoyed listening to the story Supertato. Afterwards we made our own ‘vegetable hero’ such as ‘Carrot man’ and ‘Incredible Cumber’. We also had fun using vegetables to paint. At the end of

Do dragons exist?

We have been learning all about what it might have been like to live in a castle, long ago. We have had fun dressing up as kings, queens, knights and dragons. We have enjoyed ‘dragon’ counting, painting dragons and making dragons out of play dough. We have also had fun playing in our small world, ‘dragons island!’

Bear Hunt!

It was a very cold and snowy day for our bear hunt around school! We went through ‘swishy swashy’ grass which was also crunchy too, because of the snow. We splashed in some water for the ‘deep, cold river’. We went through a ‘big, dark forest’ and found ‘claw’ marks on some of the trees. Could they have been made

What’s in the box?

There was something hidden inside a box! We had to put our hand inside, without looking, and try and describe what we were feeling. Some of the words we used were, ‘sticky’, ‘gooey’, ‘soft’, ‘wet’ and ‘squishy’. The items that were hidden inside the box included baked beans, honey, mud, marshmallows and flour.