Arts Award (part A)

Since September, I have had loads of fun in Arts Award. Our first activity was to create a backdrop which we soon used in an animation. I was in a group of three with Maddison and Daisy. We created a jungle backdrop with 3D trees, bushes and even a 3D treehouse. We used the backdrop to create a great animation – even though it was a bit gruesome! We used little characters and moved them a bit at a time creating a clip. I enjoyed using my artistic skills and combining them with others. I did something I never knew I would love to do so much.

My favourite activity so far has got to be designing our own outfits. I created my dream dress and shoes. We all had a template underneath a plain sheet of paper. On the paper, we made an outfit using the template for help; some of us even drew the template (a person) as well as the outfit. I loved using all of my fashion knowledge and just being able to show my style. I had lots of fun.

Our latest project was to play traditional songs with boomwhackers. We were split into three groups. We were given a set of boomwhackers for each group and my group all had two each. Using the colours of the boomwhackers and the colour code on our song sheets we knew which boomwhacker to use. My favourite bit was when every group performed the same song – the London Bridge is falling down. I loved working with my group.