Making animations (Arts Award part A)

On Friday, our task was to make a backdrop for our animations. Our theme was under the sea. The thing that inspired us was the mermaids. The character we ended up doing were mermaids and a sailor.

Firstly, we were given half of a cardboard box and different coloured card. Then we made different things out of cars, such as, mermaids, castle, fish, seaweed, starfish, and a crab. And then we went onto the app I can animate. Then we picked our Lego characters and started to make our animation.

We enjoyed designing all of our things. Our favourite part was making our animations – it was so fun working as a team. It was super fun. I would 100{0201daeace5a455cf0d74487a2cb9fe131c98ac97240a3f1203d7e130a7ca948} do it again. We loved slowly putting it together and all the end results were fantastic.

By EG and IS