Our visit from a DJ (Arts Award)

DJ Tej taught us how to DJ. We got to DJ and listen to music. My favourite part was pressing all the buttons and knowing what they do. Mixing the songs was my biggest challenge.

by JDL

DJ Tej was awesome! He can change songs without even making it noticeable and can mix songs really well. When I had a go, I found out that it is really fun to make your own beats but it is hard to keep track of all the buttons. DJ Tej started at 16 years old and did it for 15 years and took a break. He also has a musical family.

by MT

DJ Tej came in to tell us about his career. He started by giving us an example of his work. We then asked him many questions. We found out hole was 16 years old when he started. When we finished asking questions, we took it in turns to have a go on his turntables. I loved how whatever he did on the turntables happened on the computer. When he left, we all wanted to have another go.

by EH

DJ Tej taught himself to be a DJ and he started doing it at 16 years old. He got inspired because a lot of his family played instruments like drums or a piano. He DJs at festivals, parties, and weddings. He said, “When I started, I was a bit nervous, but once you do it more, it is not as bad.” He can play more than one song at a time, then the second song would take over.

by EG

My favourite part of DJ Tej coming into school was when we all got to have a go and make all the sounds. We learnt that he taught himself to DJ and he started properly at 16 years old. Before we had a go, he showed us all the things he could do and told us a bit about himself. He also DJs at weddings, festivals, birthdays and nightclubs.

by IS

The DJ showed us how to play on the decks and use all the buttons and make our own sounds and beats. It was so fun watching as well because you got to see your friends talents. We also got to know how many nightclubs and concerts the DJ went to.

by DS

DJ Tej taught himself to DJ. He started when he was 16 years old, but before that he was playing the keyboard. His family is a musical family – that is why he played keyboard then DJ turntable. Although it was the hardest part, my favourite part was when I got a go on the DJ turntable. He told us lots of facts, let us as questions, let us help him pack up and let us have a go on the turn table.

by LG

A DJ came in and did all hwoos and what’s-it’s. He did with some songs. My favourite part was having a go on the booth. He taught himself when he was 16 years old. The biggest challenge was not to get too excited and crazy.

by SC

We got to play and listen to music. My favourite part was to use the DJ deck. I learnt to use a DJ deck. My biggest challenge was to make the music sync together.

by AV