Out in Space! (PM Nursery)

This week our theme has been Space! The children have been fascinated about the moon. They especially enjoyed getting messy when creating craters using circular objects to print with.

Our key text was ‘How to catch a Star’ by Oliver Jeffers. The children had to remember what had happened in the story and then put some pictures in the correct order. They came up with some very imaginative ideas on how to catch their own star, including a very long ladder, bouncing high on a trampoline, flying on a magical unicorn, an owl and a pterodactyl!

In Maths Mrs Lindsay told the children a story called ‘Going to the Moon’. They had to put the numbers in the correct order, counting backwards, so that the hedgehog and penguin’s space basket could ‘blast off!’ they then collected moon rocks! We are now excellent at counting backwards!

The children have had lots of fun playing a ‘race against the sand timer’ game, trying to collect as many stars in 1 minute as they could! It was a bit tricky because they had to use tweezers! They have also placed buttons over craters on planet pictures. These activities have helped to develop the children’s fine motor control.

In Phonics the children listened to the story ‘Goodnight Moon’ by Margaret Wise Brown. They then thought of all the rhyming words. The children have also got to name some aliens, making sure that they all begin with the same sound, for example; Ziggy Zaggy Zoggy Zoo!

The children have been creative too and made aliens with play dough, using googly eyes and pipe cleaners for antennae! They have also learned a new space dance and enjoyed building rockets, space ships and flying saucers using the construction toys.