People Who Help Us! (AM)

People Who Help Us! (AM)

What a busy week in Nursery!

This week we have been thinking about all the different people who help us. The children have enjoyed dressing up as firefighters, police officers, nurses and doctors. They enjoyed sorting different equipment that these people may use. We talked about all the people who help us in school too, like Mr Woan and Mr Taylor.

George visited our Nursery again to talk about doing the right thing, like using tissues and washing our hands.

In Maths we have thought about positional language, such as ‘under’, ‘in between’, and ‘in front of’.

Mrs Lindsay told us a wonderful story with cow and dog. Dog played a trick and hid the bath time ducks and the children had to help to find them. Polly the parrot also joined in playing a hiding game, she liked hiding in the basket, under the children’s jumpers and sitting on top of their heads!

We thought about 2d shape and the children enjoyed exploring the classroom and outside, looking for circles, triangles, squares and oblongs! We also made some wonderful shape pictures and models and played a Shape Monster game too!

The children listened to music and did some fantastic scarf dancing! They also performed in a band when they played along to some songs and nursery rhymes with the percussion instruments.

We got the ‘talking tins’ out and the children loved recording their voices and hearing them played back! It was great fun trying to guess who was speaking!

We have also been practising reading and writing our names.