Fantastic Fireworks! (AM Nursery)

Fantastic Fireworks! (AM Nursery)

We began the week by having ‘Circle Time’ and the children told their classmates some of the things they had done over the half term holiday. We passed Pebbles the penguin around and it was lovely to see how confident the children are becoming when speaking in a larger group.

The children had fun learning a new dance called ‘Get Funky with the Monkey’.

Using paint and glitter the children created some wonderful firework pictures. They further developed their mark making skills using chalks. The children built some fantastic firework models using the Construct-O-Straws.

We watched fireworks, played percussion instruments and did a firework dance using the streamers in PE.

In Maths we did some firework counting and the children showed the numbers on their fingers.

Using the Little Wandle phonics scheme the children learned the sound ‘s’ and played lots of of games to develop their phonemic awareness. We also thought about the sounds that fireworks make such as ‘bang’, ‘whoosh’, ‘pop’ and ‘sparkle’.

In ‘Rhyme Time’, we explored the nursery rhyme ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’. We sang it fast, slow, loud and quiet! We thought about rhyming words and clapped and tapped out the number of syllables.

Later on in the week the children learned about Diwali. They did some fantastic colouring, made some playdough diva lamps and had fun doing a scarf dance.

On Friday the children thought about ‘Poppy Day’ and made some lovely stickers to wear using their fingers to paint the poppies. They coloured in some poppies too!