Nocturnal Animals! (PM Nursery)

Nocturnal Animals! (PM Nursery)

This week we have been learning about owls and other nocturnal animals such as bats.

We have focused on the story ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell. The children loved joining in with the refrain’ I want my Mummy!’

Using the Little Wandle phonics scheme the children learned the sound ’o’ and played lots of games to develop their phonemic awareness and oral blending. The children have further developed their oral blending skills by listening to a story, where they had to pick out the correct picture card. For example in the wood I saw a ‘f-o-x‘. The owl sat in the ‘t-r-ee’.

Drawing bats in the bat cave has been very popular!

In Maths we have done lots of counting. The children also did some simple subtraction where some of the nocturnal animals left the wood and we had to think about how many were missing from a total of 5. We also played a subitising game on the whiteboard. This is where the children have to see and say the amount without counting! They are getting so good at doing this!

The children practised their cutting and sticking skills when they created their own owl to take home! We learned that owls have beaks, feathers, talons and wings.

Other activities have included:

Learning a new owl exercise dance, ‘Do the Owl!’

Singing counting songs about owls.

Looking at a nonfiction book about nocturnal animals and learning about the features of an information book.

Learning an owl poem called ‘A Wide-Eyed Owl’.

A nocturnal animal quiz.

‘Owl Babies’ pencil control activities and nocturnal animal drawing and colouring.

Numicon puzzles.

PE using the large apparatus. The children are becoming so confident in climbing, swinging and jumping.

We also went on a walk around school to see if we could find any birds as part of ‘Big Schools Birdwatch 2024’.