Sunshine and Sunflowers! (PM Nursery)

This week Nursery have started a new project called’ Sunshine and Sunflowers’.

We kick started the project by going on a walk around the school grounds looking for signs of Spring. We found lots of flowers such as tulips, daffodils, daises and catkins and blossom on the trees.

Using the Little Wandle phonics scheme the children learned the sound ‘v’ and played lots of games to develop their phonemic awareness and oral blending. We also did ‘Rhyme Time’ where the children sang ‘Mary, Mary Quite Contrary’ in different ways such as loud, in a whisper, fast and slow. They also thought about syllables and clapped them, rhyming words and words that began with the same sound. In ‘Silly Soup’, the children enjoyed putting in ingredients that began with either a ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘p’, ‘i’ or ‘n’.

The children enjoyed an indoors ‘reading trail’ where they read shop signs and also a ‘number trail’, where they read numerals and counted different things they could see, such as 5 daises or did actions such as jump 4 times!

In PE the children enjoyed playing some parachute games!

The new flower shop in our role play corner has been very popular too!