Fantastic Flowers! (PM Nursery)

This week in Nursery the children have been thinking about flowers and growing plants. They each planted a sunflower seed. We will look after them and watch them grow over the next few weeks!

We learned the parts of a flower, such as petals, stem, roots etc. by looking at a big book about sunflowers, we also looked at the life cycle of a seed.

The children took part in World Art Day by drawing some flowers with oil pastels. They looked carefully at the parts of real flowers and then did a colour wash over their drawings. They also painted some fantastic sunflowers for our display.

Using the Little Wandle phonics scheme the children learned the sound ‘w’’ and played lots of games to develop their phonemic awareness and oral blending. We also did ‘Rhyme Time’ where the children sang ‘Round and Round the Garden’ in different ways such as loud, in a whisper, fast and slow. They also thought about syllables and clapped them, rhyming words and words that began with the same sound. They also played a phonics game called ‘Flower Families’, where they named some flowers and thought about the letter sound they began with such as ‘d’ for daisy, daffodil and dandelion.

In Maths we counted out different seeds, such as beans, peas and sunflower seeds. The children lined them up so that they could count them carefully. If it was a smaller number, some of the children were able to subitise. They then compared how many they had with their friends, thinking about ‘more’ and ‘fewer’.

Mrs Lindsay told the children a story about a flower garden. The children helped duck, dog and lion to make a repeating pattern with the flowers.

Other activities have included;

Continuing with parachute and circle games in PE.

Learning some songs called ‘The Seed Song’, ‘ A Tiny Seed was Sleeping’ and ‘the Farmer Plants his Seeds’.

Learning a new exercise dance about planting a bean.