Coventry City Experience

Year 5 were invited to a SBiTC football tournament and they were thrilled to find out they were playing at the incredible Coventry Building Society Arena! An incredible experience for the children (and teacher!)

The children had a smile on their face all week and a daily countdown until they were going to the home of football. The children were pointing out where they all sat to watch their heroes and couldn`t wait to get onto the pitch!

The team started with a very close 1-0 win and then carried on playing some great football to win their next match 1-0. The next two games they grew in confidence to win both matches 3-0. The final match they again won 1-0. A great tournament winning all of their games! The children were desperate to score and show their favourite player celebrations. A brilliant team performance and a great day. They left with taking some of the grass from the pitch! A great day!

Well done Year 5.