Animals around the World! (AM Nursery)

This week in Nursery we have continued thinking about the ‘Big Wide World’ with a particular focus on animals around the world and their habitats. We discussed where different kinds of animals might live for example jungles, the Savannah, deserts, rain forests, oceans and colder climates.

The children enjoyed exploring maps, atlases and the globe. We looked at places on ‘Google Earth’, including our school!

We created a jungle small world and the children enjoyed building habitats for the animals. They loved the animal puppets too!

Using the ‘Little Wandle’ Phonics Scheme the children have learned the new sound ‘x’ which comes at the end of words and played lots of games to develop their phonemic awareness and oral blending. The children also listened to the story ‘Tanka Tanka Skunk’ by Steve Webb. They had to choose an animal and clap the correct number of syllables.

In Maths the children practised their counting skills by selecting a numeral card and counting out the correct number of animals. They also enjoyed listening to the stories ‘Handa’s Hen’ by Eileen Browne and ‘One Gorilla Counting Book’ by Anthony Browne. Both of these stories have lots of counting opportunities!

Other activities have included;

Guessing the jungle animal sound and a binoculars game where the children had to guess the jungle animal before it appeared.

Learning a new dance exercise called ‘Dance like an Animal’ by Danny Go.

Singing lots of jungle animal songs including ‘Monkeys sitting in a Tree’, ‘Down in the Jungle’, ‘One Elephant went out to Play’ and ‘Walking through the Jungle’.

The children have enjoyed continuing to practice their races for Sports Day.