Clean Up! (PM Nursery)

This week we have been continuing to learn about our wonderful world with a particular focus on looking after it.

The children thought about how dropping litter can harm wildlife. They enjoyed collecting the litter using litter pickers.

We thought about recycling and discussed how we can recycle some packaging, such as plastic, cans and cardboard and paper. The children enjoyed sorting the rubbish and recycling it!

We continued to look at different environments around the world and compared it to where we are in school.

The children also thought about explorers and we made a giant map, using some pictures of mountains, rivers, the beach, colder climates and deserts. They used the small world people and took them on a journey! This helped to consolidate positional language.

Using the ‘Little Wandle’ Phonics Scheme the children have learned the new sound ‘th’ which comes at the beginning and end of words. We practiced making a soft ‘th’ sound as in ‘thumb’ and ‘bath’ and a ‘buzzing’ ‘th’ sound as in ‘the’ and ‘this’ The children played lots of games to develop their phonemic awareness and oral blending. We also did ‘Rhyme Time’ where the children sang ‘Row, Row, Row your boat’ in different ways such as loud, in a whisper, fast and slow. They also thought about syllables and clapped them, rhyming words and words that began with the same sound. The children thought about rhyming words and made some rhyming strings when we played ‘Phonics Explorers’.

In Maths the children have been learning the name of 3d shapes and their properties. They have enjoyed building models using the wooden blocks.

Other activities have included:

Andy’s wild work outs on CBeebies, including Under the Sea, The Beach, The Artic, The Rainforest, The Savannah.

Daily counting with Colin the cockatoo. Numicon.

Threading using a variety of different resources to develop fine motor skills.

‘Recycling’ colouring.

Small world.


Practising our races for Sports Day.

Enjoying the sunshine outside!