An email from Mrs Poole

Hello Year 4,

I had a fantastic time launching rockets with you yesterday afternoon, your curiosity and teamwork skills were super impressive.

We talked a little about living and working on the ISS. I have put together the following links for you to watch some videos to find out a little bit more – there are hundreds of videos but these are some of my favourites.

ISS Videos

An introduction to the ISS:

Tour of ISS with commander Suni Williams:

Cooking in space with Samantha Cristoforetti:

Time Peake #cosmic classroom lesson from the ISS:

Commander Chris Hadfield’s Music Video from the ISS:

Live Stream Video and Audio from the ISS

Where is the ISS now? Tracking Map

When can you see the ISS moving across the sky?At the moment the ISS is visible in the UK between 1am and 4am but later in the year there will be days when you can see it in the early evening.

Stay Curious!

Mrs Poole