Bog Baby

During our first week in Year 2, lots of really exciting things happened… Mrs Scannell and Mrs Crust introduced us to the Bog babies they had found!

Guess what…we also found our own Bog babies hiding around the playground, we had lots of fun looking for them.

On the final page of the book ‘Bog Baby’ by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward, there is an address to write to, should we find our own Bog Babies (as they are very rare), therefore we did! We also counted and grouped our Bog Babies in a number of different ways, so that we can send that data off too!

Unfortunately, at the end of the week, both class Bog Babies (Boris and Bog Baby) disappeared. We were worried they had been eaten by the dinosaur who visited Year 1, but we are now pretty sure they are somewhere around school. We created ‘Missing Posters’ which we will put up around the site. Let’s hope they return!