Humanities Fair

Well done to everyone who took part in the Humanities fair, we were amazed by how many wonderful projects were created. Choosing a winner from each class was very difficult and we could see how much effort was made. We were particularly impressed by the use of time-lines, mapping, comparison and the varied way in which research was carried out

Week beginning 22.5.23

This week the children enjoyed learning about minibeasts as part of our mini-project ‘Minibeast Safari’. The project was launched with a bug hunt around our outside areas and the children loved working together to find them. We also learnt the signs for the minibeasts. The children watched a video about minibeasts and formulated questions to research using the tablets/books. In

Week beginning 15.5.23

This week the children have been continuing to learn about animals around the world. They explored Serengeti animals and compared them to animals that live near us. They have continued to enjoy learning through the stories ‘Look after us’ by Rod Campbell which provided conversation about how and why we should look after animals and ‘Handa’s Hen’ by Eileen Browne

Week Beginning 8.5.23

Another busy 4 day week for Reception. Continuing our ‘Animal Safari’ Project, the children enjoyed playing a ‘mixed up’ animal game. Whilst doing so, they created their own hybrid animals and enjoyed reading their new silly names. Alongside this, we shared the book ‘Hello Hello’ by Brendan Wenzel and explored the status of some of the animals featured (vulnerable, endangered,

Week beginning 1.5.23

Reception have enjoyed a wonderful 4 days of learning. The week started with music with Mr Withers which was focused on Coronation themed songs. One included The Out of the Ark song- To the sound of Trumpets. To The Sound Of Trumpets | Free Coronation Song | Out of the Ark Music Alongside this, the children enjoyed learning all about King Charles, the Coronation and history and making their own wild crown inspired by The

Week Beginning 24.4.23

The children enjoyed learning about St George’s Day at the beginning of the week. They learnt all about why and how it is celebrated and enjoyed making their own shields and dragons.They have continued to learn about all things animal related as part of our ‘Animal Safari’ topic and have been reading and matching descriptions of animals. We have continued

Week beginning 17.4.23

Reception have had a fantastic start to the Summer half term, we enjoyed a trip to ‘All Things Wild’ later in the week to launch our topic ‘Animal Safari’ where the children got to have some hands on experiences being zoo-keepers and learnt all about scales, feathers and fur (more photos to come).At school the children have been learning about