Week Beginning 3/6/24

This week we have reviewed any phase 2/3 sounds needed and looked at phase 4 words. We have also recapped phase 3 learning. In Maths we have focussed on the composition of 5 looking at doubles, partitioning and positional language to describe arrangements. We were very excited to start our new topic On the Beach

week beginning 6/5/24

This week we focussed on word endings such as -ing, -ed/t, -ed/id/ed and -est as well recapping on phase 3. In Maths we were subitising using a rekenrek which allowed the children to continue to develop their subitising skills as they explore the structure of small numbers while building a foundation for further work in

week beginning 22.4.24

This week we have reviewed phase 2 and 3 long vowel sounds and ccvcc words. We have also started to recap all phase 3 lessons. In Maths we have looked at comparison, building the children’s skills in comparing attributes and quantities and considering where numbers are in relation to each other by considering more/less. In

Week Beginning 26.2.24

This week covered er, air, double letters, longer words and tricky words; full, push, and, go, no and of. In Maths we focussed on subitising looking at doubles up to 5 and using manipulatives and pictorial representations to build on previous experiences with dice patterns and numbers on fingers. The story of the week was