A Royal Garden Party!

We ended our ‘Round the World’ Trip by arriving in London by hot air balloon! We were invited to Buckingham Palace by Her Majesty the Queen for a special garden party. We were greeted by some other members of the Royal Family too! We practised our bowing and curtseying and then enjoyed some delicious cucumber sandwiches and Victoria sponge cake!

Greece and then on to Asia!

We continued our journey into Greece, where we designed some Grecian urns and heard stories about some mythical creatures. We had very mixed reactions to the olives we tasted! Travelling by magic carpet we then arrived in India. We made some rangoli patterns, peacocks and tigers. We also had a go at Bhangra dancing! Miss Chatha’s grandma made some delicious

Our Journey Continues!

What a busy week we have had in Reception! We travelled by ferry across the Irish Sea to Ireland, where we learned about leprechauns, did some fantastic finger painted shamrocks, tasted some delicious potato cakes and heard stories about Saint Patrick and how the Giant’s Causeway was created by two giants who had a fight and threw stones at eachother!

Our Journey Begins!

What a busy week we have had in Reception! We packed our suitcases and travelled to Wales! Mr Taylor taught us some Welsh. We tasted some delicious Welsh cakes, which Ms Richards very kindly made! We then went by steam train to Bonny Scotland where we did some Scottish sword dancing, made some clay Loch Ness monsters and tasted some