Week beginning: 03/01/23

What a busy first week!

The children have been focusing on ordinality in maths this week by helping the Numberblocks find their ‘Numberling’ and place them in order. During Phonics the children have been looking at ‘ai’, ‘ee’ and ‘igh’.

With Mr Withers the children have been exploring percussion instruments and played a game which involved matching the instrument with the sound.

The new Cornerstones’ driver this half term is a history one and the topic is called ‘Long Ago’. This week, the children have been talking about things that have happened in the past (yesterday, last week etc), and have been historians by interviewing Ms Ord who came to our school 52 years ago. They thought carefully about the questions they would ask and found out some surprising things! They also enjoyed the story, ‘The Tiger who came to tea’ and looked at the similarities and differences between modern day and the key parts of the story. Other key texts have included: One Year with Kipper and The Baby’s Catalogue.

In provision, the children have; created seasonal pictures (discussing the passing of time); played numeral bingo; became boot polishers; played with space hoppers, hoops and other toys; created plates of food for the tiger whilst counting the items, discussing and grouping the food and labelling some. They have also enjoyed playing with toys popular in the past.