Week beginning 22.5.23

This week the children enjoyed learning about minibeasts as part of our mini-project ‘Minibeast Safari’. The project was launched with a bug hunt around our outside areas and the children loved working together to find them. We also learnt the signs for the minibeasts. The children watched a video about minibeasts and formulated questions to research using the tablets/books. In addition to this, they explored Henri Matisse’s ‘The Snail’ and created their own snail collages.
Later in the week, they strengthened their fingers by weaving their own webs (as part of their learning about spiders); discussed the theme of ‘teamwork’ when learning about ants and re-told the story by Ruth Brown- Snail Trail.
The week was concluded by a visit to the Humanities Fair.
In Phonics the children have been learning to read and spell phase 4 longer words, alongside lots of new tricky words and in maths, the focus has been comparison of numbers to 10.
As Tuesday was World Turtle Day, the children enjoyed learning about why we celebrate turtles.
In provision the children have been helping Incy the spider travel down the water wall; collaged their own turtle shells; have carried out their own bug safari; created dragonflies out of pipe-cleaners and beads; made caterpillar repeating patterns; used dice frames to make 10; re-told the story of ‘The Very Hungry caterpillar’ and much, much more!
Wishing everyone a restful half term!