Day 1 – Groups A and B

An amazing first day for Groups A and B today. Glorious sunshine made for a perfect day at the beach, rock pooling and looking for sealife. We topped this off with an ice cream! After lunch, they used their resilience to navigate back to the centre independently using map and teamwork skills. Tomorrow promises another fun-filled day with lots of

Science Project Fair

Our Science Project Fair took place last week and we couldn’t have been more proud with the engagement from the children. The work they produced was outstanding and we all loved going round and looking at all the wonderful projects. We especially were blown away by the variety of projects, covering all areas of science and engineering. Thank you to

Nature’s Art

We’ve been inspired by the natural art all around our school grounds and have been challenged to create miniature, natural sculptures. These sculptures should capture the essence of a natural form found out in the wild. We gathered our resources and carefully glued our pieces into place. This task took lots of patience and the occasional redesign when things didn’t


In year 5, we have been researching the seasonality of vegetables and have used our knowledge to help us create our own healthy soup. We managed to whittle our choices down to three soups; tomato, potato and leek and carrot and coriander. We all enjoyed trying our soups but I think the tomato won out as the most popular!