Number Day 2022

Everyone at EGPS had fun with Maths to celebrate Number Day 2022. We all wore number fact stickers and enjoyed other exciting maths activities.


NURSERY enjoyed singing some number songs: 5 speckled frogs and 5 little ducks. The children worked out how many were left each time and found the correct number. They also used their fingers to represent the number.

RECEPTION enjoyed telling people about their number fact stickers and exploring different numbers.

YEAR 1 Enjoyed telling people about their number bonds to 10 facts stickers. They played some maths games where the teacher said a number and they held up the matching number bond and played a game trying to find other numbers that were the same as theirs.

YEAR 3 had fun learning new number facts.

YEAR 4 went into the hall and learning hub to do a Maths challenge. They worked in small groups to solve different problems and then had to hunt to find the hidden answer to see if they were correct. A correct answer meant they could use a special punch on their answer card.

YEAR 6 enjoyed playing the label game where they find their friend who has the correct answer. We have been learning about fractions so we practised our skill of finding a fraction of an amount. We then went outside and tested each other on our question of the day.